4-Way Flat Face Diffuser Grilles

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Sizes Available
300x300mm 4-Way
375x375mm 4-Way
450x450mm 4-Way
525x525mm 4-Way
595x595mm 4-Way
595x595mm 1-Way
595x595mm 2-Way Corner
595x595mm 2-Way Opposite
595x595mm 3-Way
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This traditional shape grille used in most commercial spaces is know for its application in T-Bar ceiling spaces, where its frame free finish can be flush mounted into a ceiling giving it a seamless finish with the ceilings design. Also Available is its Plaster Board mounting kit making it versatile in all modular and fixed ceiling spaces. A variety of designs orientations and sizes allow you to design airflow suitable to any space.

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Grille Size

300x300mm 4-Way, 375x375mm 4-Way, 450x450mm 4-Way, 525x525mm 4-Way, 595x595mm 4-Way, 595x595mm 1-Way, 595x595mm 2-Way Corner, 595x595mm 2-Way Opposite, 595x595mm 3-Way


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