Macsim MF90 Duct Sealant Grey 5L Tub

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MF90 Duct sealant is a water based acrylic fire stop sealant that provides movement capability for fire-rated joint applications. It has four hours fire rating under BS EN 1366-4: 2006. It is almost odour free and is not corrosive towards metals. After drying, it forms a tough elastic seal.
MF90 Duct Sealant is suitable for:
  • Heating and cooling air conditioning ducts
  • Indoor joints with fire retardant requirements such as joints between walls and ceiling, joints around pipe and cable work, perimeter sealing of fire rated doors and windows.


  • Non corrosive towards metals
  • After drying it forms a tough elastic seal
  • Low VOC
  • Good primerless adhesion on most substrates

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 mm


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