Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ceiling Cassette FDT125AVNXVG 12.5kW Cool / 14kW Heat

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  • RCH-E3 Simple Wired - Ventilation In Ipswich - Climate HVAC
    RCH-E3 Simple Wired Remote Control 2 Wire
    $137.00 inc GST.
  • RC-EX1A Back Lit ECO Touch - Hvac Sunshine Coast
    RC-EX3 Back Lit Wired Remote Control 2 Wire
    $156.50 inc GST.
  • Back Lit Wired Touch Remote Control 2 Wire (RC-EX3)
    $156.50 inc GST.
  • RCN-KIT3-E Infrared Receiver - Heating In Ipswich
    RCN-KIT4-E2 Infrared Receiver Kit
    $215.00 inc GST.
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  • Shipping Box 2 of 3 FDT125AVNXVG (Outdoor Unit)
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Due to the unique design of the DC fan motors the MHI ceiling cassettes are some of the slimmest on the market, allowing for ease of installation.

A versatile solution for a wide variety of commercial spaces, such as fitness centres, retail shops, small to medium offices, cafes, restaurants and more, the single and three-phase models range in capacity from 5.0 to 14kW.

The units are designed with a built-in drain pump as standard and have Blue Fin coating on the condenser unit for improved corrosion protection in coastal areas or extreme weather conditions.

FDT ceiling cassettes are available in Single or Three phase options with a range of capacities from 6.0 to 14kW.

With new Draught Control Technology and optional new Motion Sensor feature, the FDT series provides comfortable air flow that doesn’t create warm or cold draughts and detects the amount of human activity in the room, automatically switching to energy-saving mode at times of low activity.

The 800mm built-in drain pump and up to 100m pipe run makes this range suitable for a variety of residential and commercial spaces.


  • Single Phase model
  • NEW Draught Control Technology
  • NEW optional Motion Sensor for increased energy saving
  • Clean Air function
  • Sleep timer
  • 800mm built-in drain pump

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 300 × 850 × 850 mm
Capacity (Kw)

Cooling T1: 12.5 (5.0~14.0)
Heating H1: 14 (4.0~17.0)
Heating H2: 12.8

Input (kW)

Cooling T1: 3.42
Heating H1: 3.43


Heating H1: 4.08


Cooling T1: 3.65

Controller Options

RC-EX3 Back Lit Wired Remote Control 2 Wire, RCH-E3 Simple Wired Remote Control 2 Wire, RCN-KIT4-E2 Infrared Receiver Kit, SC-BIKN2-E Remote Control Interface


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