Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK17ZMP-S 1.7kW Cool / 2.0kW Heat

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The SRK – ZMP series is the smallest capacity series that comes with an impressive 4-star energy rating for heating, making it the perfect solution for cooler climates.

With the compact design of both the indoor and outdoor units, the SRK-ZMP is ideal for today’s apartment living and smaller areas of the home where space is limited.

Ideal for second bedrooms, the home office or smaller apartments.


  • Reverse Cycle model
  • Rapid room cooling/heating with Hi Power mode
  • Energy saving with Economy mode
  • Dehumidification with Dry Operation mode
  • Optional Wi-Fi control

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 830 × 332 × 290 mm
Capacity (Kw)

Cooling T1: 1.7 (0.9~2.7)
Heating H1: 2.0 (0.8~3.8)

Input (kW)

Cooling T1: 0.42 (0.25~0.94)
Heating H1: 0.465 (0.20~1.41)

Energy Rating (Stars)

Cooling T1: 2.5
Heating H1: 4


Heating H1: 4.30


Cooling T1: 4.05

Under Standard Conditions

Please refer to the MHI Sizing Chart at


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