Panasonic CS/CU-Z80VKR 8kW Cool / 9kW Heat

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Panasonic’s new ‘AEROWINGS‘ feature has twin motorised blades that deliver precise control of airflow direction, providing both Shower Cooling and Fast Cooling for a perfect and comfortable environment.


A Panasonic air conditioner should be the hard-working hero you never notice. From noise measurements to environmental performance and even operating ease, we repeatedly test our models to make sure they keep your home comfortable without ever intruding on your life.


We simulate continuous operation under the harshest of conditions, subject the outdoor units to wind and rain tests and then examine every mechanism to ensure we are delivering a rugged product you can depend on for many years.


We love our air conditioners but that doesn’t mean we go easy on them. We simulate impacts, vibrations, drops and stacking issues the units might face in transportation and storage, so we know they will be ready for action when they reach your home.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 302 × 1120 × 236 mm
Capacity (Kw)

Cooling T1: 8
Heating H1: 9
Heating H2:

Input (kW)

Cooling T1: 2.32
Heating H1: 2.41
Heating H2:

Energy Rating (Stars)

Cooling T1: 2
Heating H1: 2.5


Heating H1: 3.71
Heating H2:


Cooling T1: 3.43

Under Standard Conditions

8kw suits room size from: 48m2 to 64m2