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No, although we have many great service installers we could recommend. We have installation partners in Brisbane & Sydney. They provide services such as Installations, Servicing and Cleaning for commercial and residential properties.

Yes! Pick-up can be arranged from one of our warehouses. Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. Simply choose the “Pick Up” option at the check out.

We keep your financial information securely encrypted so you can pay online with confidence.

As we offer different payment options such as credit card, or transfer we don’t regularly offer 30-day accounts. If this is an issue, contact us today and we will arrange a system that works for you.

No, even though they share the name Mitsubishi and were once sister companies, Mitsubishi electric broke away from Mitsubishi heavy industries in 1921. They are now direct competitors, pushing each other to produce the most innovative Mitsubishi air conditioners.

It is hard to give a definitive answer. It all depends on the quality of the brand you buy, plus how hard and how long you work it. The better the brand, the longer it should last – you should reasonably expect somewhere between 10 and 15 years if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Even longer if it is cleaned and serviced regularly. Slightly less if you live near the ocean as salt spray in the atmosphere will affect it.

Our pricing doesn’t include shipping. The price of shipping is calculated at the check out to ensure the cheapest price possible depending on your location.

Yes, we have many shipping options for interstate. Contact us today for more detail.


These Terms and Conditions (Terms), as amended or replaced from time to time, apply to any goods or services supplied or to be supplied to the Customer, or any third person on the Customer’s behalf. Any reference to the Customer also includes its respective successors or permitted assigns. The singular includes the plural and the converse. If the Customer constitutes more than one person or entity, the Terms bind each of them jointly and severally. 



1. All quotations for the supply of goods and services are subject to our terms and conditions.

2. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

3. If the quotation is accepted it will be treated as a placement of an order by the customer. Please review all products within this quote as if quoted incorrect products and an order is placed Climate HVAC Brisbane supply as quoted.

4. For custom home plans and layouts our advice is a suggestion only. If after purchased the customer changes or alters the design, Climate HVAC Brisbane will not be held accountable for incorrect products and or under/ over supply if equipment.

5. If the quotation is not accepted within 30 days it will need to be reconfirmed in writing before it can be accepted. Some quotes may expire prior to 30 days if that is the case, the expiration date will be shown on the quote.

6. The quotation is based upon the information and documentation you have provided and upon the basis that goods and services will be collected from the branch at which the order is placed.

7. A quotation may only be accepted in its entirety.

8. A quotation may be withdrawn at any time before an order is placed.

9. Errors and exceptions are accepted.