Energy Recovery Ventilators


Our Daikin ERV Systems are engineered to uphold optimal indoor air quality by ensuring ample fresh outdoor air while recuperating waste heat from expelled air exiting the conditioned area. These ERV units seamlessly integrates with Daikin’s DIII-NET communications.

Features include:

  • Energy-efficient heat recovery ventilation facilitated by a novel heat exchanger boasting high temperature and enthalpy recovery efficacy.
  • Exceptional performance, including high static pressure via an efficient fan and adaptability across various climates (5 to 122°FDB and 80% RH or lower).
  • Unique functionalities such as independent operation, interlocking with other HVAC systems, and an automatic night purge for decreased cooling demands and heightened energy conservation.
  • Simultaneous interlocking operation with VRV indoor units via a single controller.
  • Auto mode seamlessly transitions ventilation mode (total heat exchange to bypass mode) based on the air conditioner system's operational status.
  • Pre-cooling/heating control function delays ventilation initiation during air conditioner startup for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Enhances indoor air quality by eliminating harmful contaminants and particulates.
  • Temperature recovery efficiency reaching up to 74% and enthalpy recovery efficiency up to 65%.
  • Sound levels as low as 25.5 dB(A) for installations in noise-sensitive locations.