iZone Home Automation

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It starts with degree-perfect climate control and comfort in every room. With unparalleled energy efficiency and savings. And then it gets even better. Add as much – or as little – iZone Smart Home functionality as you like, whenever you want.

Use your smartphone to take control of everything. Including your utility bills.






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  • Control your home’s air conditioning, lighting, irrigation, garage door, roller blinds and appliances with iZone precision, even when you’re out.
  • Monitor your home and make it as secure, energy-efficient, waterwise and economical as it can be.
  • Integrate all your favourite lifestyle and entertainment apps – Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit (Siri), IFTTT, Sonos*, Samsung SmartThings,  and Spotify* – for a seamless, voice-controlled smart home experience your whole family can enjoy.
  • Your iZone Smart Air Conditioning and Smart Home system can do it all.
  • Wirelessly. Seamlessly. Intuitively. It will even pay for itself before you know it.


Turns any ducted air conditioner into a smart home




iZone looks as good as your home feels

iZone diffusers, grilles and filters

Our range of elegant diffusers, grilles, switches, sensors and controllers offer just as much choice in how your air-conditioning system looks.

Relax while the smart system does the work.


Round diffuser          

Multi directional diffuser

Louvre faced diffuser

Sidewall register

Linear diffuser

Bar grille diffuser

iPure filter

Optional iPure natural air filters deliver cleaner air for a healthier home, capturing dust, mould, pet dander, pollen and virus carriers.*

*iPure filter optional


iZone works with new and existing systems.

iZone works perfectly with all the major reverse-cycle brands. In fact, many of the industry’s leading manufacturers ask us to develop control systems for their next-generation air-conditioning units.


Grow with your lifestyle

It’s ready to go and grow

Your iZone Air Conditioning system is a scalable, plug-and-play solution that’s automation-ready, so you can bolt on a host of iZone Smart Home modules later. Lighting. Entertainment. Irrigation. Security. Power. Garage door. Roller blinds. Monitoring. The works.

No extra cabling, no programming, no on-site computer programmer.

*Actron – Certain Models Only

iZone Smart Features

✔​  Home automation ready
✔​  In duct supply air sensor for improved efficiency and temp control (CDTS)
✔​  Roaming sensor to ensure every zone is maintained at the exact temperature automatically
✔​  Temperature sensor in every touchscreen controller
✔​  Air Quality Monitoring (Nexus + only)
✔​  Zone on/off button on every sensor
✔​  iSense Occupancy sensor with backlit display and full in room temp control
✔​  Fan auto control to maximise comfort and minimise energy consumption
✔​  All sensors can be calibrated for precision control
✔​  Apple Home Kit compatible*
✔​  Siri enabled
✔​  IFTT compatible
✔​  Google Home compatible
✔​  Amazon Alexa compatible
✔​  Samsung SmartThings compatible
*only compatible with systems with the new open connection bridge (ask your installer prior to purchasing)